Frequently Asked Questions


How does the International Prepaid Card work? [back to top]

The International Prepaid Card is a reloadable prepaid debit card, which means you can spend up to the value placed on the card anywhere debit cards are accepted. You can shop in stores, online, over the phone, and by mail order. You can get cash at ATMs worldwide. Each time you make a purchase, the amount of that purchase is automatically deducted from the card. When used in international markets where merchants authorize with the Chip & PIN on the front of the card instead of the magnetic stripe on the back of the card, the International Prepaid Card avoids unnecessary declines.



How do I know the balance on my International Prepaid Card? [back to top]

You can check your balance at this website, by calling your local branch, or by calling customer support at (855) 657-8588. Since a merchant may not be able to tell how much money is on the card, keeping track of your balance is a sure way to know how much you have to spend.



Where can my International Prepaid Card be used? [back to top]

Your card can be used to make purchases at millions of debit locations worldwide and to obtain cash at ATMs worldwide. Even merchants in countries who only accept cards with a Chip will be able to approve your transaction.However, note that some unattended kiosk terminals outside the U.S. such as luggage cart rentals, parking garages, even transit terminals may decline your International Prepaid Card due to the way the authorization is sent.



Are there transaction or reload limits? [back to top]

Purchase transactions are unlimited, up to the balance remaining on your card. However, for the protection of our cardholders, there are limits to the number and dollar amount of reloads, ATM withdrawals and cash advances performed within a certain time period. To learn more about the current limits, please reference your terms and conditions.



Who can order or use the card? [back to top]

Our International Prepaid Card can be purchased by any member in branch or online by anyone that has a valid debit or credit card registered in his or her name. The individual purchasing the card is defined as the primary cardholder. The address listed for the primary cardholder must match the billing address for the debit/credit card used to purchase the International Prepaid Card. Primary cardholders can order online up to 4 personalized secondary cards for family members or companions. When purchasing a secondary card for a young person with no card experience, be sure to go over all of the terms and conditions that accompany the card.



Can I purchase an International Prepaid Card as a gift? [back to top]

No, International Prepaid Cards cannot be given as a gift. You purchase the International Prepaid Card for your own personal use.



How do I get an International Prepaid Card? [back to top]

You can order personalized International Prepaid Cards directly at this site or visit a branch and purchase one in person.



Does the cardholder need to sign an agreement? [back to top]

Each card is distributed with Terms & Conditions. This document fully explains the terms and conditions regarding the use of the card. This document can also be viewed online. The cardholder accepts the terms and conditions by signing the back of the card, using the card, or receiving the card by request.



How do I activate my International Prepaid Card and obtain my PIN? [back to top]

Your International Prepaid card can be activated by logging into this site and clicking on the Activate Card button, an assigned PIN will be displayed. You may also call the customer support number listed on the back of your card to activate your International Prepaid Card, an assigned PIN will be spoken.



What happens if my PIN is not working? [back to top]

It is possible you have forgotten your PIN. Do not make more than 3 attempts if you are receiving a bad PIN error in the terminal. If you try more than three times, you will lock the PIN on your chip located on the front of your card. Before you make any more attempts at purchases, call the customer support number and choose the option “Hear Your PIN” to obtain the correct PIN.

If the PIN gets locked on the chip when the failures occurred at a merchant outside the U.S., this card can no longer be used at merchants outside the U.S. It can, however, still be used at merchants within the U.S. and at any ATM worldwide.

If you need an International Prepaid Card to make purchases at merchants outside the U.S., you will need to obtain a replacement card with a new PIN.

If you lock the PIN while attempting to use it in an ATM, you do not need to replace the card, however, you must wait 24 hours for the 1ystem to unlock the PIN. During this waiting period, remember to call customer support to hear your correct PIN.



What happens if I need to return an item? [back to top]

Each merchant location has its own return policies and will handle the returns in the same manner as any other transaction and may take up to 7 business days to be credited to your International Prepaid Card. The merchant may credit your International Prepaid Card, provide a cash refund or issue a store credit.



What if the purchase is denied? [back to top]

If a decline occurs, the card's available balance is probably less than the purchase amount. You may inform the merchant of the remaining balance on the card and use another form of payment to pay the difference, subject to the policy of the merchant. Also, please be aware that some merchants - for example, restaurants, car rental agencies, salons, mail-order companies, and cruise lines - preauthorize for an amount slightly higher than your actual transaction to ensure sufficient funds for tips or incidental expenses. This amount is "held" until the transaction settles to your International Prepaid Card. Only the amount you sign for will ultimately be deducted from your card. Use of the card at automated fuel dispensers requires that a specific minimum balance be available on the card, which is determined by the issuer of the International Prepaid Card, in order to complete the transaction. For example, the issuer may require that there is a minimum balance of $100 on the card in order to utilize the card at an automated fuel dispenser. Again, only the actual amount spent will ultimately be deducted from the card.



Can I use the International Prepaid Card to make a purchase that is larger than the balance on the card? [back to top]

Yes, simply pay a portion of the purchase with the available balance on your International Prepaid Card and then request to pay the balance of the purchase with cash, check, or another credit/debit card.



Can I reload the International Prepaid Card? [back to top]

Yes, to reload using the funding account(s) registered online, cardholders can visit this website, call the number listed on the back of their card, or visit their local branch. Any applicable fee for reloading via the website or by phone will be charged to their funding source, along with the value being added to their card. Some issuers also allow the ability to have direct deposits set up from an employer, refer to your terms and conditions to confirm this option is available.



Why might my initial load or reload be declined? [back to top]

Possible reasons your initial load or reload might be declined are: you have not registered any funding accounts on the website; the name/address on file with the debit/credit card issuer does not match the primary cardholder profile on the International Prepaid Card website; the debit/credit card expiration date or 3 digit code listed on the website is incorrect; or the load limit or other applicable limits have been exceeded. First, verify your funding account information and the total number of reloads performed to date. If this does not resolve the issue, call the toll free number on the back of your card to discuss other limits that may have been exceeded.



Can the card ever have a negative balance? [back to top]

Any authorization request that is greater than the card's available balance will be declined. However, there can be times when a merchant puts an item through without prior authorization. If an overdraft occurs, the cardholder can dispute the transaction if it was not legitimate, otherwise you will be required to either reload funds onto the card or make a payment to Cardholder Services to cover the negative amount.



Can I have my employer paycheck deposited onto my International Prepaid Card?[back to top]

Yes, if your credit u1ion offers this service. Simply log into your account on this website and download the direct deposit form with your International Prepaid Card’s specific routing transit and account number and give it to your employer’s HR/payroll department.



How do I find an ATM when I travel - particularly overseas? [back to top]

Visit the ATM locator found at this website for participating ATMs both domestic and abroad.



What is the exchange rate when I get to another country? [back to top]

The exchange rate is determined by the rate of exchange on the date of purchase. Using your International Prepaid Card at an ATM can be less expensive than using a currency exchange to get foreign currency.



When I travel, are my receipts in U.S. dollars or the local currency? [back to top]

Your receipt will reflect the local currency. It is always good to plan ahead and have a general idea of the local exchange rates before you travel. This helps you to understand what goods and services are actually costing you.



What happens if my International Prepaid Card is lost or stolen? [back to top]

We provide 24-hour toll-free support. Immediately report any problems or a lost or stolen card by calling (855) 657-8588. A replacement card can be issued and any available balance transferred to a new card less applicable fees that will be deducted from the card's available balance. Replacement cards are generally received in 7-10 business days domestically or within two weeks or more internationally. Emergency card replacement can also be requested with guaranteed delivery within the next business day domestically or within three business days internationally. See the Terms & Conditions for fees that apply to lost or stolen cards and emergency card replacement. As long as the lost or stolen card is reported immediately, you will not be responsible for any unauthorized merchant charges. If traveling internationally or far from home, a secondary card should be considered. That way, if the primary card is lost or stolen, the secondary card can immediately be used to access the funds without ha1ing to wait for a replacement card as delivery times will be longer than domestically.



How do I call for customer support from overseas? [back to top]

We provide 24/7 toll-free support from the following countries:
Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. The toll free numbers in those countries are the following:

Belgium 0800-78373
Canada (855) 657-8588
France 0800-916588
Germany 0800-5894572
Ireland 800-760839
Italy 800-788938
Spain 95-034-4016
Spain (from mobile phone) 9009-41895
Switzerland 0800-563184
United Kingdom 08-082340879

Otherwise, the number (954) 835-2345 can be used if you need to call from another country. Keep in mind that you may incur additional charges from your mobile phone service provider whether calling within the US or from outside the US.



What is a Global Chip & PIN bank card and authentication? [back to top]

Chip & PIN, also known as EMV, is an international standard replacing the magnetic stripe on bank cards used for payment transactions. The card can be used with a magnetic stripe or the chip, ensuring that both US and non-US merchants will be capable of accepting the card. EMV PIN transactions are more secure than those requiring a signature, and protect you against fraud.



Which countries are blocked from using the International Prepaid Card to make purchases? [back to top]

For security purposes and fraud prevention, your International Prepaid Card will decline if attempts are made to use it at merchants in the following countries: Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Nigeria, Sudan and Syria.



What recommendations are there for ensuring hassle free use of my International Prepaid Card? [back to top]

  • Notify the Credit U1ion of extensive domestic and/or international travels.
  • Inquire about potential international fraud blocks before you travel.
  • Test your card to confirm that you have the valid PIN.
  • Verify that your card will not expire while traveling.
  • Carry alternative payment methods (i.e. additional debit/credit cards).
  • Do not pack all payment methods together (i.e. put one in a suitcase, another in a purse or wallet).
  • Remain observant for pick pockets.
  • Photocopy all cards front and back and keep separate copies on hand.
  • Save all receipts and verify against your statement.
  • Never leave valuables such as prepaid cards in the car, not even in the glove compartment or trunk.
  • Report lost or stolen cards and unauthorized transactions immediately.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when entering your PIN at an ATM or checkout counter.
  • Keep our customer support phone number on hand as it is available 24/7/365 for assistance.