About Your Reloadable Card

Your Vantage Credit Union Mastercard® Reloadable Card offers you a secure way to manage your money while promoting financial responsibility. It’s a great alternative to a traditional checking account. Use our reloadable card for purchases at millions of locations worldwide and for online shopping anywhere Debit Mastercard cards are accepted.

Safe and Simple To Use

Leave your excess cash at home-our reloadable card can be used to make purchases anywhere debit cards are accepted. However, if cash is needed along your journey, you can get the cash you need at ATMs worldwide.

You can review your card balance and full details of all transactions free of charge by accessing the link to MyAccount within the eBranch at vcu.com.

For a minimal fee, you can call 855.657.8588 to hear your card balance and the last 5 transactions. This information is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your Vantage Credit Union Mastercard Reloadable Card account number and some of the information requested when you ordered the card are required for authentication.


You can add value of no more than $2,500 on your reloadable card by making a payment at your local Vantage Credit Union branch. Please bear in mind the number of loads on a non-personalized card is limited to four (including the initial load). The number of loads for personalized cards is limited to 8 per month.

You can also add value via a link to MyAccount within the eBranch at vcu.com, or by calling toll free 855.657.8588 to initiate a funds transfer from your Vantage Savings or Checking account or your Vantage credit or debit card. Funds may not be available for immediate use after you have initiated the transfer. If your employer has this option, you may elect to have your payroll loaded to your card via direct deposit.

Zero Liability

Mastercard’s Zero Liability policy means protection for you with a policy that guarantees maximum protection against fraud. You have liability protection for transactions made on your reloadable card.

See the Terms & Conditions for details before using the card and for applicable fees and available services.